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about a painting by giorgio morandi

marilena pasquali
about a painting by giorgio morandi

67 pages
Printed in March 2010

Ed. Galleria Torbandena / Classics

In 1913, when he painted the snow Landscape, whose dimensions and level of dedication were quite remarkable, also in consideration of the little education received,  he was only 23 and he had just left behind the bad moods and misunderstandings of the Accademia, whose teachers still found it hard to accept innovation; during the summer he had experienced the “fatal” encounter with Grizzana’s clean space, observing from a distance, and with some curiosity, the illusions of the Italian ‘secessionists’ and the somersaults of the Futurist movement, preparing, with reasonable tension, for his first public appearances. This was a full season for Morandi, in which inputs, at times even contrasting,  faced each other: a time when he had to make decisions, choose what direction to take, what masters to acknowledge, what language to employ.

Marilena Pasquali, March 2010
(from the essay "I primi paesaggi")

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