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Toni Meneguzzo

toni meneguzzo
the holy-cows-project

16 colour illustrations
32 pages
Printed in June 2008

Ed. Galleria Torbandena

By simply removing from their usual environment an element so definitely typical as the Holy Cow, such a powerful concentration of folklore, capable of throwing you for a few moments on a street in Calcutta, filling your nose with the smells of dust and curry, the work of Meneguzzo at first attracts for its strong aesthetical features, but later has us pondering over our perception of reality, that works mostly by connecting the images we see - often without perceiving their uniqueness - to a set of pre-determined categories of the mind. We are not talking neither of a sensational discovery here, nor are we particularly faulty, but in this vein the holy cows' project seemed to us a good chance to explore a different level of observation, an invitation to consider one of the many things of the world from the outside, away from our usual deductive process

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