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Hubert Scheibl

hubert scheibl
from monday to monday

106 colour illustrations
221 pages
Printed in June 2008

Ed. Galleria Torbandena

In collaboration with:
Atelier Scheibl, Vienna Fondazione Rocca di Dozza, Bologna Graphart, Trieste.

Introduction to the catalogue by: Marilena Pasquali.
Testi di: Christoph Ransmayr, Paul Valery, Martin Buber, Rudi Palla, Hubert Scheibl, Stefan Wildner, Volker Jahnke.

My attraction to Scheibl stems from his ability to plunge his gaze into the vital magma, trying to extract from it the possibility of a meaning, without losing its fluidity, its mystery, its dense physicalness. The instrument he employs in this adventure is the gaze, aloof and involved at the same time, a visual skill that comprehends and sympathises and goes deep down, a gaze that knows how to squeeze the juice of reality out of what comes his way, like hands squeezing colour from the painter's tube.

In the past somebody had defined Scheibl's art as "post-abstraction", a concept he had interpreted and shared in the 80's with other young Austrian painters. With time, he has refined his linguistic and expressive means, and such definition has come off, to the advantage of his uniqueness, letting only the power of his images speak, as texture of signs and colour we may see (or better, make out, or sight) on both sides, below and above, back and forth, before and after, just as if we were there with the artist, this side and beyond the see-through mirror that is the surface of his paintings.

Marilena Pasquali, May 2008
(from "Il volto illuminato e il volto oscuro della pittura")

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