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Manuela Sedmach

manuela sedmach
temporary destination

28 colour illustrations
64 pages
Printed in November 2007

Ed. Galleria Torbandena

There were some warnings, now that I think about it. That bunch of pink balloons, for example, which at dawn on the morning of 2 or 3 January was found entangled in the thin branches of the white mulberry tree. They stayed up there until Piero, with the help of the chaplain, pulled them down by hitting them with a broom. The following day, the lifeless bunch was found hanging from the cross of the bell tower of Sant'Antonio Vecio, a few metres away from the mulberry tree. Then there came the soap bubbles. That morning, she remembered the exact date because it was the day J. was buried, while turning the corner of the square, just where the Madonna sat enthroned, involved in the bright colours of the wall painting, she was hit by a soap bubble of more or less the size of an orange. It wasn't the soap bubble in itself, there always were soap bubbles floating around there, because the children came to play and celebrate birthdays in the courtyard under the mulberry tree. But, for some mysterious game of the elements, the bubble which appeared in front of her had inside it, complete, but upside down - the unmistakable melon-coloured plaster hemmed with white stone, the pointed tower with the balustrade, the two clocks with the time fixed at 9.40, the first one and at 5.10 the second one - the bell tower!

Kenka Lekovich, September 2007
(from "Another little story")

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