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Simon Edmondson

simon edmondson
recent works

36 colour illustrations
64 pages
Printed in November 2006

Ed. Galleria Torbandena

Empty hospital, title of one of Simon Edmondson's recent paintings rings ironic today in a world whose hospitals east and west are overcrowded, and filled with people from the ruins, from ruined cities. A striking and tragic image that takes the breath away.

Crises that appear on our televisions as whole states collapse and sink, people who perish in the attempt to reach other countries, because of their own, there remains no trace. Life will always try to hold on to a thread of hope, and if it cannot be found neither can the reason to go on. Sudden rafts at sea, loosing the coast behind, lost in the darkness for which some have exchanged their last pennies.

The collapsed structures in Simon Edmondson's work, are like The Raft of the Medusa by Gericault, in a permanent state of shipwreck and erosion. Dissolving architecture settling its debts with the world at large. Images of a modern civilization in a state of decomposition, where the slow disintegration of its steel structures is the only perceptible sound.

Alessandro Rosada, November 2006
(from the introduction to the catalogue)

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