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Zoran Music

zoran music
selected works

65 pages
47 color tables
Printed in May 2005

Ed. Galleria Torbandena

border notes

We felt we needed to pay particular homage to Zoran Music, an artist who perfectly incarnates that border spirit which has always animated a certain culture of this geographical area. A culture of reciprocal exchange, acceptance, peaceful cohabitation of different peoples.

His work has marked the different periods of our gallery which, now in its fortieth year, is trying to sum up the work done, from the historic avant gardes to the contemporary.

The main European museums, from the Albertina in Vienna to the IVAM in Valencia, are organizing retrospective exhibitions on Zoran Music, and technical comparisons between his painting and that of the great painters of the last century. At the same time, another specific exhibition dedicated to his small but considerable works on paper has opened in Gorizia.

We are simply trying to give our contribution, showing a selection of works that, at the time, we recommended to some important private collectors.

Alessandro Rosada, April 2005
(introduction to the catalogue)

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