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Cveto Marsic

cveto marsic
acqua madre

Introduction by Marilena Pasquali
128 color pages
Printed in 2005

Ed. Matthes & Seitz

Morat Institut fur kunst und kunstwissenschaft / Freiburg im Breisgau

In collaboration with:
Galleria Torbandena
Galerie Stefan Roepke / Colonia
Galerie Arnes y Roepke / Madrid

Nothing happens by chance in the work of Cveto Marsic, everything has an important reason. After Fertilidades in the Nineties, after the recent Caminos and Lugares da memoria, these explosive works are born, great canvases belonging to a new cycle that Cveto calls Acqua madre.The intensity and the strength are the same as in the previous Terre; now, however, it is the light-colour that dominates the image, builds it, makes it sing. Red appears once more as the dominating colour, a live flame which now has the transparency and lightness of a butterfly, daring the even darkest of blacks, transforming grey into silver dust, giving blood to the sunny-yellow, allowing white to explode like a Catherine wheel, like a firework. Cveto knows fire well, for years he danced around it until he immersed himself in its spirals of pure energy. From fire the magma of many of his canvases was born, the mix of earth and water that makes them so enduring, that makes them feel part of us, that makes us feel as if they were under our skin and understand that we are made of the same heat, of the same live matter as they are.

Marilena Pasquali, April 2003
(piece from " The need to return")

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