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Cveto Marsic

cveto marsic
flor de sal

Edited by Obra Cultural Cajastur
Texts by Andrej Medved e Javier Baron
180 pages
66 colour and black / withe images

Ed. Obra Cultural Cajastur

A "painter of soil" might be a good definition of this artist's creative endeavour, in that the earth and the land - lands - in their many possible presentations are almost constant protagonist of his projects.
Clay, mud, lava and earth - dry, wet, burnt - all take shape in his pictures with the vigour of a matter that is the source of life.

These are landscapes that are presented as uninhabited, where the land reign amply toward the high horizon and the light spreads across the surface, breaking in the contours of the dense masses of pigment.

Distancimg himself from a literal attachment to any avant-garde tendency, still less to passing fads and fashions, the artist's evolution bears witness to his profound psychological, and even phsycal, relationship with his work.

Manuel Menédez
President of Cajastur

Galleria Torbandena

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