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Thomas Muller

thomas müller
trails of light - works on paper

Introduction by Marilena Pasquali
23 colour illustrations
44 pages
Printed in 2001

Ed. Galleria Torbandena

At first sight, what strikes about the art of Thomas Muller, is the central role occupied by the sign, in his research. A sign which is an indication of form and space, which is a suggestion and vibration of matter, which incorporates even the smallest ray of light; in short, a sign which is the Work itself.
The sign used by the young german artist is thin, even slender, but never fragile. Instead it gives the impression of being unbreakable, of being able to resist the assault of darkness, especially if it is of mind and heart. Its lightness reaches the threshold of trasparence, but it maintains enough of the physical to allow him to create patterns which are ethereal and, at the same time, dense, and which recall the magic of an alabaster illuminated by a ray of light.

Marilena Pasquali, september 2001
(from the introduction to the catalogue)

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