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Carlos Lizariturry

carlos lizariturry
the seduction of the space

Introduction by Manuel Padorno
24 colour illustrations
44 pages
Printed in 2001

Ed. Galleria Torbandena

Carlos Lizariturry thinks that the volume, the space is to be discevered. This is an inheritance left him by those sculptors who reached the same limits, who entered the fullness and the emptiness, and took him towards the unknown, where there is still something to be disclose, up to where stays the unseen.
He demands to himself one more step towards the same precipice, physical and mental: to set a rock, nevermind its size, in the air; to let the wood of the most ancient tree find its roots in the emptiness; to leave the terracotta swept by the wind, climb the air like a kite; and iron and steel arrived from every corner to this Europe set on fire, to transform themselves in aerial symbols of universal brotherhood. In misterious and seductive icons.

Manuel Padorno, las Palmas de Gran Canaria, may 2001
(from the introduction to the catalogue)

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